Jon’s Favorites · 2019

Another year bites the dust, as 2019 has come and (just about) gone very quickly. I spent the year at Aberdeen Proving Ground, writing about the Army’s achievements and innovations, as well as the local community, for APG News. Here’s a selection of my stories and photos this year that stood out.

Scroll down a bit for stories I enjoyed reading over the course of the year.

The 20th CBRNE Command moved from APG South to APG North, which had some great photo opportunities.

When some Soldiers on post had to get weapons training, we covered it.

A soldier was recognized for his lifesaving efforts in Baltimore

I enjoyed writing this feature of an engineer in March.

Here’s a feature about a Wounded Warrior helping out at the APG fire department.

An engineer who works on post was inducted into the American Football Association’s Minor League Football Hall of Fame.

I learned about duck decoys.

I also learned a bit about how police investigate and reconstruct car accidents, when a representative from Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network came to examine an area on post where a car accident took place earlier this year.

Finally, since you made it this far, here are some of my favorite photos of the year that I took. It’s from APG’s Greening Week, designed to give civilian newcomers a taste of what it’s like to be a soldier. It’s turned into one of my favorite assignments of the year to cover. Links to photo galleries below.

Here is a list of stories I enjoyed reading and bookmarked over the course of the year, without much context, in the order they were bookmarked.


Jon Bleiweis has written for a variety of publications in Maryland and Delaware since 2011. For more about Jon, visit He can be reached at @JonBleiweis on Twitter.



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