My year in writing for 2018 was different than in years past. Writing for APG News all year gave me opportunities to learn things about the Army that I never would have realized.

Did you know, for example, that the Army tracks sturgeon migration? This story explains why.

They also test for mosquito resistance, to help the Warfighter out in the field. This story goes into how and why.

Greening Week gives APG civilians a taste of life as a soldier. Here’s a story from that, and a video below the link. The video was a fun exercise in editing.

APG has 144 miles of shoreline to take care of. Left unprotected, shoreline erosion threatens roads and infrastructure on the proving ground, and eventually APG’s vital missions that support U.S. service members. This story goes into those efforts.

This is a feature I wrote about soldiers singing the National Anthem.

Last, APG firefighters got some training out in the community when a controlled burn was held. Here’s a dispatch from there, with plenty of photos.

This year, I also kept a folder of stories that I enjoyed reading for one reason or another. Here’s that list, without much context, in the order they were bookmarked.


Jon Bleiweis has written for a variety of publications in Maryland and Delaware since 2011. For more about Jon, visit He can be reached at @JonBleiweis on Twitter.



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